Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i love my seattle. i love working in downtown. i love taking the public transit. i love that i can walk to get to places. seattle is so unique and vibrant. there is so much music, art and individuality here. the plants are blooming now and days are getting longer, spring has just begun and i can't wait for summer!

the other day after i got off work i stuck around downtown. i walked around pikes market for a little bit, drank an amazing cup of coffee, wrote in my journal, and grabbed a movie with a friend. then as i waited for my bus to come - to head back home - i noticed a man walking by with a pristinely bald head and sitting square atop his head was the most obvious toupe i've ever seen. then i looked at a bus across the street and it had an advertisement on the side for an academy in town that was a school for acrobatics. and i loved this place.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


frequently i just laugh. life is funny.
for example, i laughed on the bus a few days ago while i was heading to work. i was sitting by the window and happened to see someone in the car next to the bus who - while driving - was brushing their teeth. i laughed.
then today, i was riding home on the bus and once again, looked out the window and saw a car driving by and the driver was brushing their teeth...in the car...while driving! i laughed even harder.
brushing teeth while driving. it was something i had never seen before, and seems difficult and totally impractical. maybe i'm just out of the loop but it seems that "brushing drivers" is a rare occurance, and i happened to see it twice in a matter of 3 days. life is funny.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Scooty Pep

well blog, it has been a while.

i am currently in india which is absolutely lovely! for those of you who don't know, my sister sara lives in india. she is pretty much my hero. people usually guess that i am the older sister...mostly because i'm the bossier of the two of us, and possibly because i have less of a baby face. but sara is my older sister. it's funny because on this trip we've been talking about our similarities and differences. we have similar interests, likes and dislikes, but we are quite different at the core. i think our core strengths and weaknesses are what is mainly different about the two of us. and where people usually guess i'm older, sara has all the qualities of an ideal older sister, because she's always carried me.

now, when i said that being in india was lovely, don't get the wrong impression. i love this place and the people here but india is quite dirty and QUITE different from any western place. i would describe the culture as chaotic, the driving as unpredictable, the air as spicy, the people as ambiguous and the food as scrumptious! i have been riding around on the back of sara's scooty pep. i call it a scooty pep because that's what it says on the side but in fact it's a normal moped. i've loved riding the back. at first i was holding on to the back with both hands, then progressed to one hand, now i sit on the back holding my camera with both hands twisting around to snap pictures as we whiz by landmarks and crazy colorful buildings and cars! it's quite fun!

i love the trees here. there are palm trees, banyan trees, huge cedar trees (or at least what look like cedar trees) and there are so many trees with colorful flowers growing in them. the colors here are amazing. this place is so full of color and life! it's never still and quite for a moment. the buildings are brightly painted, the cars are florescent, the temples are covered in blue and orange gods with bulging bellies. even the food is colorful!

i am loving it here!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

strange day

I’ve had the strangest day the other day. It started out crappy and had an emotional slam finish! I woke up in the morning with more on my mind that one should have to think about before 10am. I needed something else to focus on and distract myself from my thought, but my job isn’t the best for my current state of mind because I am doing mindless activities while I am free to think about whatever I want. So it was shaping up to be an all around bad day. Around 2 I got on the bus after a stop at Starbucks for a little pick-me-up coffee. The bus was pretty packed and I sat down next to a girl with headphones in. There was a guy sitting behind me and he started talking to me, asking me what was on my earrings, he asked, “what’s that on your earring?” I said it was an eagle. He said cool what was it a symbol for? I said, “it’s the Armani symbol but I bought them in Thailand.” “Military?” “No.” “Well that’s cool Shelly.” At that my ears perked up. I got a little freaked because I hadn’t told him my name. My next thought was, “who the heck is this guy and how does he know my name?” I turned around, totally freaked and he was silent for like 30 seconds, which was too long. Then he said, “I saw your name on your cup.” I was like, “OH!” But still thought he was weird. We talked some more and then he gave me his number and told me I should call him. I got off the bus and laughed all the way home.

Then when I was leaving work I had to pee BAD! I was walking to the bus thinking, “I should’ve gone before I left!” So I stopped at a sketch corner store and went in. I asked if they had a bathroom, they said no, try down the street. Then these two black guys were in there and were like, “Hey, you can come use my bathroom, it’s right down the street…” I kind of ignored them and bought a candy bar. Well as I was walking down the street to the “next” bathroom the guys slow down in their car next to me and said, “Guuuurl, did they let you use that bathroom?” I said, “I’m fine.” And they drove on. So I went into the bank because I needed to pee and deposit a check, the guy behind the counter was weird and said he couldn’t remember the bathroom code so I should go to the Starbucks across the street. I deposited my check and went to Starbucks. I thought, “I’ll pop in and pee at Starbucks and then my bus stop is right outside!” So I went in and into the bathroom. Well, while I was in the bathroom I heard the bus pull up so I ran out and onto the bus. I was relieved that I made it! I get on the bus and sit down and realize, “There are like 5 buses that stop at this stop and I have no idea which bus I just got on.” And I have no idea how to find out what bus I’m on once you’re on! It’s something people usually check before getting on but I was in such a rush to get on that I didn’t even look! I thought, “Well I’m on now and I guess if it takes some weird turn I’ll just get off!” Well, in the meantime I had missed a call on my phone and started listening to the message on the bus; it was from a lady at work that was going to start my training on Monday. On the message she told me her name (which I forgot instantly) and then said she needed me to call her back because she had a question for me, then she started saying the number to call her back on. So I’m thinking, “Right, well I don’t have paper and pen with me so I’ll just save the message and listen to it again when I get home.” And I push the button and my phone tells me, “Message deleted.” I was like, “NOOO!!!” So I was on an unknown bus without the name or number of the lady at my new job that I was supposed to call back! You will be happy to know that it all worked out. Turns out by some twist of fate that I was in fact on my bus, the good ole 48. And I got home and she had sent me an email with her info so I called her right back as if I hadn’t completely not paid attention to her message then deleted it! Then I got home and Carrie had written me an encouragement and I cried. It was a long and strange day.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The strangest thing happened. I woke up this morning at 3:30am wide awake, which never happens, and the first thing that comes into my mind is this, "If I open a hair salon in Vancouver, I would call it VHS, Vancouver Hair Salon." And I'm picturing a sign on a glass front window with a drawing of an old VHS and has the name written in bold 80's font. Closely following this first thought was, "Why the heck am I thinking about that???" I have never thought about Vancouver or hair salons, not even remotely! I just woke up and that was what was on my mind--and it was totally out of left field! So I laid in bed confused for a bit, racking my brain trying to figure out if I had been having a dream or why the heck I would have thought that. I finally decided that the only thing to be done was to go back to sleep, which I promptly did. At least now, if I ever open a salon in Vancouver, I have a name.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I made a shepherds pie the other night. Friends were over and we had a potluck dinner. I was sitting on the couch next to a guy that I hadn't met before and he asked me what I had made. I said, "The shepherds pie. How is it?" And he said that it was better than his mom's.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tribute to Luke

By: Lydia and Shelly

Lukie Ferdukie, you are so cukie.
Look! There's some dookie!

Remember the time you scared Toni with janitor jack?
We do.

Remember the time you got put in the back (of a squad car)
We do.

Remember the time we took the "cushion" to class?
We do.

Remember the time you got a beating in nertz?
We definitely do!

Remember the time we saw you in the cemetary?
We do.

Remember the time you moved to St. Kitts and we missed you?
WE DO!!!

Miss you Luke!